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Black Kite Coffee is an independent, locally-owned coffee house that specializes in delicious coffees, teas, and savory pies. We make most of our food in-house, completely from scratch, and we do our best to fulfill the foodie in all of us.

What we don't make ourselves, we partner with local companies who share our values or quality and community.

Serving the Old West End and outlying Toledo community since 2012, we seek to revitalize the neighborhood meeting spot, where friends and neighbors can get together and know they will experience our best, every time.


Our name comes from a Japanese folk song by Ikue Asazaki.
“Let us celebrate the Golden House that was built by 100 Black Kites.”

The song tells of a family that endures many hardships including losing their home. In the song, the community comes together and builds them a modest home that means the world to them (their Golden House). Our modest Golden House exists because of our staff and this community.

Spend some time with your Black Kite family and our community of Kites.



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