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Black Kite Coffee Liqueur

Proof 40

Size 750ml

Black Kite Coffee Liqueur is the perfect balance of cold brew coffee, rum, and sugar. Cold brew coffee, patiently brewed from thoughtfully sourced beans, traditional Jamaican-style rum, and natural cane sugar are combined to create an expertly balanced coffee liqueur.

Elevated Cocktails

Rich and robust Black Kite Coffee Liqueur will change how you make coffee cocktails. Perk up your coffee, make the best Espresso Martini, or finally perfect your White Russian.

Desserts & Pastries

Add depth and richness to tiramisu and other coffee desserts, or add a boozy boost to affogato.


Cold brew coffee, locally roasted and slowly steeped

Bold and earthy, smooth and floral, rich and nutty, Black Kite Coffee Liqueur has all the flavor you expect from a perfect cup of coffee. Our cold brew technique combined with expertly roasted beans make for perfectly crafted coffee, which makes authentic coffee liqueur.

It doesn’t just taste like coffee, it is coffee—thoughtfully created, delicious coffee.

Expertly distilled rum for a clean, smooth taste

The rum created for Black Kite Coffee Liqueur is carefully distilled from locally-sourced ingredients for maximum smoothness. It’s designed to give your drinks the kick you want without interfering with the delicious coffee flavors.

Perfectly sweetened with all natural cane sugar

There’s no additives or artificial sweeteners, and just enough natural sweetness to create a perfectly balanced coffee cocktail. You won’t need  simple syrup or added sugar when making Espresso Martinis and White Russians.



Cold Fashioned

1 ¼ oz Bourbon
¾ oz Black Kite Coffee Liqueur
½ oz Averna
¼ Drambuie
3 dashes Angostura Bitters

Espresso Martini

1 oz Black Kite Coffee Liqueur
2 oz Heart of Gold Vodka
½ oz vanilla syrup
1 oz cold brew coffee

White Russian

2 oz Black Kite Coffee Liqueur
1 oz Heart of Gold Vodka
1 oz heavy cream


Black Kite Coffee Liqueur is always available at The Bottle Shop at Toledo Spirits.

If you are a bar/restaurant or retail location interested in carrying Black Kite Coffee Liqueur, please contact your Heidelberg Sales Rep.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by filling out the form below.

Distilled, Brewed, and Bottled by
1301 North Summit St.
Toledo, Ohio 43604

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